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When I'm not behind the computer, you can usually find me hanging out with my human (Noah) + our 2 pups (Ziggy & Oliver). I'm a total sucker for any well-branded coffee shops / breweries & love spending my weekends searching for new fun spots with my people!

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i'm here to help small businesses reach their dream clients through modern, engaging design & intentional strategy. 




a website that brings it all together & reaches your people!

Your website is where your future clients will come to see what you're all about. We'll work together to create a website that communicates your brand style, personality, and amazing services in a way that connect you with your people!


branding that feels like the heart behind your business. 

Your brand is so much more than a color palette & logo (although we love those). Your brand is what your followers & clients FEEL when they experience your biz. With brand design + strategy, we will create a visual brand that represents the heart + personality behind your business & resonates with your dream clients.



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• strategy workbook
• 1-1 brand strategy meeting
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Defining and developing your brand provides a direction, purpose, and confidence to you and your biz. Every touch-point your brand has with the world should be consistent with your core values, personality traits, and most importantly, communication to your dream clients.

No matter how big your industry is, you and your biz are unique in the ways you interact and serve your clients/customers. A defined, professional brand clearly communicates those unique traits and who they would serve best, creating trust and loyalty.

A solid brand, both in strategy and design, creates organization and intentionality in every way your biz shows up. Every time you show up on the gram and anwyere on the world wide web, its professional and accurate representation to who you are brings in those sales and audience growth.

Basically, your dream brand is the perfect way to grow your biz and I’m here for it.

What’s the importance of branding?

Here are some estimated timelines based on the quickest turnaround time! At the beginning of the process, I will send a timeline with an ideal launch date. Once we get rolling, it may end up taking long, because of design complexity or response time on feedback.

Package 01 // Brand + Web Design
8-10 weeks

Package 02 // Website Design
6-8 weeks

Package 03 // Brand Design
3-5 weeks

Because it’s amazingggg! Showit allows me to create really unique and completely custom website designs with it’s drag and drop programming. It’s also extremely user-friendly, which is great for clients to maintain on their own once we’re done working together. Photo and copy maintenance is a piece of cake, as well as updating the blog.

Does blogging sound scary?? Well no worries, Showit is super blog friendly as they offer a Website + Blog package that includes a WordPress account. Your Wordpress account would be intertwined with Showit, making it super easy to update and post. Blogging is so important because that’s where your SEO comes from, so I love how Showit and Wordpress make it super easy to do that! If all that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry, I got you. I’ll send over some training videos of each platform, as well as setting up a final Zoom meeting to walk you through the backend basics and answer your questions.

How long does a rebranding project take?

Why do you design exclusively with Showit?

First of all, we celebrate!! Because this is exciting stuff. Second, I’ll officially get you on the books by sending you the contract and deposit (25% of the total payment, which is a non-refundable deposit). Once you sign and complete the first payment, we’ll get this party started with some brand strategy!! Discovering and defining your brand is the most important step in this journey, so it’ll take a large amount of time and energy. 

This is the stuff that makes your investment in brand + web design worth it. Without solid strategy, I could create something pretty, but we would be missing the purpose of the design. My goal is to create your brand + web design that accurately represents your brand’s core values, personality traits, and clearly communicates to your dream clients. So, thanks in advance for being willing to put the work in-- I promise it’ll be worth it! :)

What does it look like to get started working with you?

I’ll be designing your new website in my own Showit account, so you won’t need to purchase your own account until your site is just about ready to launch! Once that time comes, I’ll give you the go to make the purchase and walk you through the steps to get everything set up :)

When will I need to purchase my Showit account?

I totally understand being on a budget. That’s amazing you’re taking this step to invest in your biz-- I’m so excited for you!! I believe the best place to start is your website. Your website is basically a giant business card used to communicate who you are, why you’re here, and how you’d be the best fit for those dream clients. Your web design will represent your visual brand far more than a logo file and color hex codes could.

Okay I’m ready for my new website, but what about a logo?? No worries! I offer a Mini Brand with my website package so you’ll have a cute little typography logo, custom color palette, and brand fonts to consistently represent your brand personality throughout the site. 

This is a great place to start if you’re not quite ready for the full investment in both brand + web. You’ll leave with a brand strategy, a beautiful website, and a mini, but strong, brand. 

If I’m on a tighter budget, what do you recommend I start my investment in?


Yes! I offer a 4 month payment plan. The first payment is a non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. The following payments begin on your official start date.

No matter what website hosting platform (Squarespace, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc.), Showit makes the process of transferring your domain easy by doing most of the work for you. You’ll need to initiate the transfer of your domain and take care of some DNS records with your registrar, but they’ll take over the rest!

So what about my current website?? Once your domain has been transferred into Showit, your current site will still exist under your domain. Until your domain is connected to a website design and published, your current site will exist. Once published, users will see your new site when visiting your url! Exciting!!!

Will I be able to keep my domain when switching to Showit?